One thing that is exemplary of the bloody Indian singer is such a high sense of nationalism to their country, India. Although it has won an Oscar and released a duet single with many of Hollywood's top artists, but music maestro AR Rahman admitted that his heart will always be in India.

The singer who recently released a duet single with top rock penyenyi Mick Jagger was also dismissed rumors that had circulated about him that was reported was too expensive for the size of the Bollywood artists. He claimed that all his work merely for the sake of lifting the name of his country.

"That's not true. The films India is my first love and I never thought to leave it for the money. I actually do not berpkiprah at the local movie industry not because of money and I could not have done," said AR Rahman.

When asked about the intensity that is so poor in the entertainment industry of India, AR Rahman also revealed why she had more poor across the Hollywood industry.

"Because the world tour and other commitments, I have not been able to dedicate myself here a lot. But I will never stop working for Indian films. It never crossed my mind to work in Hollywood just to ignore the movies here," added.

In addition to release a duet album with Mick Jagger, recently Rahman has also released his first world music album called ROCK THE TABLE. But behind all these accomplishments, Rahman humbly admit that all he achieved was due to his wife, Saira Banu.

"He is a pillar of strength and I always feel peaceful at his side. I'm sure he'll always be there, to prepare everything. Because of him I could be like now," said Rahman.


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