Having previously rumored to be titled project ARGO handle is lifted from a short story, now there are new titles associated with Ben Affleck. LINE OF SIGHT is the title of a new project that will disutradrai well as starring this actor from California. That said, this movie would be made ​​similar games.

LINE OF SIGHT tells the story of an elite force will be assigned to escort cargo while at the same time also dealing with a threat that will destroy the world. Interestingly, this film would be like first-person shooter game. It likely that the audience will watch this film from the side view of one member of an elite commando team earlier.

According to Contact Music, Peter O'Brien who worked on the script of this film is the person who wrote the story for the game Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360 gaming console. The film itself is a Warner Bros. project and will be produced by Joel Silver and Andrew Rona. Unclear when this film will begin production but in view of the ARGO project, this new film will begin production after the ARGO thoroughly.


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