Tablets with the operating system Android (Google's) return is expected to shift the dominance of the iPad (Apple) on the market. But it just happened in 2016.

Similarly, research firm Informa predicted as reported by the Straits Times, Thursday (07/28/2011). Informa claims that Apple's market share, currently at 75 percent would have fallen by 39 percent in 2015. Meanwhile, Android market share grew to 38 percent.

"From 2013 or later, tablets Android more sophisticated and cheaper to flood the market. We expect sales is quite high, and going beyond the upcoming iPad sales in 2016," said analyst David McQueen.

"We've seen a big boom in the tablet market in recent years, driven by iPad. We estimate this market will continue to strengthen and grow the sales of 'only' reach 20 million units in 2010 to more than 230 million units in 2015," McQueen added.

Currently Apple does still rule the tablet market with sales increasing 183 percent compared to last year. Last week, Apple reported that during the third quarter of 2011 they managed to sell 9.25 million units iPad.


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