Date aired film CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST Avenger does not change. This new film will be aired on Friday, July 22 later on but this movie screening schedule at the Comic Con International is undergoing changes. This film was originally scheduled for screening on the same day as the showtimes, but seemed to Marvel and Paramount was eager to promote their seed this movie.

As reported by Contact Music, movies, starring Chris Evans will start screening on the first day of Comic Con International on July 21, tomorrow. In the same news also mentioned that there will be nine during the first day's screening. This event will be held at the UA Horton Plaza in San Diego. It is estimated that there will be about 120 thousand visitors that will overwhelm this annual event.

Project CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST Avenger itself has actually been planned since 1997 but can only be executed in 2008. After the casting process is completed in March 2010, the film soon enter the production period, exactly in June 2010. Although released in 3D format, but this movie was not filmed in a format that is popular. The new conversion process carried out after the movie finished.


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