Repel mosquitoes do not have a liquid or lotion insect repellent. Can also use the phone. The trick?

Mosquitoes that interferes with sleep at night it can be expelled using a smartphone application. As written Discovery, Mosquito Buster created application software developer from Japan, Sea's Garden, to repel mosquitoes.

Applications are available for Android smartphones and the iPhone can generate high frequency sound the dreaded mosquito. High frequency sound is between 17kHz to 19kHz, and will not sound the human ear.

Mosquito Buster can be used as an alternative other than a liquid repellent mosquito repellent or insect repellent lotion. In addition to not produce a strong scent, this tool is certainly environmentally friendly because it contains no chemicals.

Not only mosquito repellent, in this application there are also setting the frequency to repel rodents and even small children. The last option is suitable for parents who do not want to be disturbed children. Frequency bands can only be heard a little kid and did not sound the ears of adults.