One of the three Jonas Brothers personnel seem so sure that his fans would be surprised to hear the matter in his new album later. Not yet certain when the album is titled FAST LIFE will begin circulation but certainly Joe Jonas affirms that this album would be much different from the musical styles while at the Jonas Brothers.

More mature, it's Joe Jonas term used to describe the concept of music would he have to offer. Presumably he did not want to continue synonymous with Disney-style music which he called 'bubble gum pop music' is. "I'm going from Disney to the album more adult," he said as quoted by Contact Music.

FAST LIFE has also suffered a change of direction when he began to realize that there is no harm in making this album so like the music that had been consumed. "It was a very Michael Buble-esque record," he describes the color of music that had he wanted to make.

Over time, Joe began to make music that captivated more inclined towards urban-dance. What kind of music that will actually be presented Joe Jonas? Let's wait until his album circulated later.


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