Scientists have found two types of behavior of water surface that has never encountered before. It is important to understand the tsunami.

What kind of behavior of water?

It turned out that the water creates waves of different surfaces. As quoted from PhsyOrg, recently, scientists from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, found the two forms of water waves which has never known before.

They examine the surface of the water by shaking the water in transparent containers called Hele-Shaw tube. Hele-Shaw tube is a container consisting of two parallel transparent plates separated by a gap of 1.5 millimeters.

Then the researchers set the vibration frequency and amplitude, and tools that was rocked. A high-speed camera mounted next to record the waves created on the surface of the water.

Apparently there are two types of waves are created. Wave which was later called Faraday waves, the first showing the form of symmetry and the other is not symmetry (one high and one low).

Although sound trivial, these findings provide useful new knowledge in chemistry, biology, and to study the behavior of ocean waves, for example, as happened during the tsunami.


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