Online game developer Zynga, which is famous for the popular Facebook game "Farmville", finally decided to go public. Zynga hoping to reap up to $ 1 billion cash infusion from the IPO (initial public offering) this.

Zynga's presence in the market share expected to equal the record IPO of LinkedIn social network that reaches USD9 billion when it went public last January. Given the position and solid financial condition Zynga, the developer of this game can be predicted even valued at up to USD20 billion, even more.

"IPO Zynga will be no different with Google (2004)," said John Fitzgibbon founder of IPO Scoop, Jr., as reported by Yahoo News, Sunday (07/03/2011).

Yes, given the popularity of Poker, with an average of 230 million Internet users play games of their creations as "Farmville", "CityVille" or "Texas Holdem Poker", do not be surprised if the company was able to attract many takers.

Currently, Zynga penghasilaan obtain most of their exchange of money to buy virtual goods in their game. In addition, their income is also derived from advertising and partnerships with various companies, one of which is Netflix.

Zynga was founded in 2007 by CEO Mark Pincus. Now, Zynga has approximately 2300 employees, mostly based in San Francisco.


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