Machete fans will once again be able to enjoy an action movie is made ​​by Robert Rodriguez. The reason, the director had planned to work on the second movie, in space!

SIN CITY director has been allowed to make a movie sequel with a knife fighter is a typical Mexican style. In fact, Rodriguez had planned to make a third film, which will perform special. The film will be titled Machete Kills AGAIN this plan will show the main character in action in space.

Machete Into Space!

"Machete Kills AGAIN would be a space opera with a machete knife-shaped light. Obviously very rare to see the action hero of Mexico in outer space in movies science-fiction genre. At least we will take pictures for the trailer and display it in the second film, Machete Kills, "Rodriguez said in the event San Diego Comic-Con.

This director has long been known for his work different, including his latest film, SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD 4D. For this film, Rodriguez promised to spoil the viewers, though they are no longer children. "Even though you're not a child, you will be able to have fun. I did with Ricky Gervais and Joel McHale, so not just for the kids," he concluded.


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