Action, drama, thriller, all that has been tried throughout his career the actor Clive Owen in the film world. Only one genre that seems to still untried 46-year-old British actor is: Comedy. If everything smoothly, Clive will soon appear in the film which required him to stomach churning crowd.

Starring Joe Warr in the film THE BOYS ARE BACK actually never put limitations when accepting an offer to play the movie but which comes always action movies or dramas, comedies never. The idea of ​​playing this comedy itself comes from a manuscript that was able to 'touch' Clive.

"There is a script that could really touched me and the script was a comedy script. I was interested to come into play because so far I have never played in the comedy," explains Clive Owen as reported by Contact Music.

Manuscript Clive Owen is the first consideration when accepting an offer to play the movie. He should be able to explore the proffered manuscript. After that Clive will see who is the director who would work on this film. If one does not make Clive feels comfortable, he will reject the offer.


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