Age carried by Daniel Radcliffe since today is Saturday (07/23) of course is no longer the age of the children as when she first began to enter the world of acting. Entering the age of 22 years, the actor who just finished the last Harry Potter film sequel should be proud because of the success and achievements that have been achieved.

Although it has previously tasted the acting world, but British-born actor's name in 1989 is really gained popularity when it acts as the main character, Harry Potter, the Harry Potter sequel. Since then his name more and soared and starred in many other films.

Happy Anniversary-22, Daniel Radcliffe!

In Daniel's birthday this time, ® presents ten interesting facts about Daniel Radcliffe. What are some interesting things from the United Kingdom nationals this actor? Consider the following reviews!

1. Daniel Radcliffe arm can rotate up to 360 degrees.

2. Daniel is an alcoholic and heavy smokers are able to spend up to 20 cigarettes per day.

3. At age 16, Daniel was the only non-royal teenagers who have a personal portrait in Britain's National Potrait Gallery.

4. In an auction in order to raise funds Comic Relief, a lock of hair sold for $ 1,125.

5. Daniel often wrote poems with the pen name of Jacob Gershon. Jacob is his middle name.

6. Because of his role as Harry Potter in the sequel to the film, Daniel successfully ranked the richest teenager in Britain. Defeating the ranks of other popular artists such as Robert Pattinson, Emma Watson and Keira Knightley.

7. Daniel suffered a mild neurological disorder called dyspraxia.

8. Daniel Radcliffe is an atheist.

9. Daniel was awarded Hero Award for supporting youth lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and those with problems (LGBTQ) in 2009.

10. Daniel was very afraid of spiders, snakes, and clowns.

It turned out that behind his success, a lot yes unique facts about Daniel. Happy 22nd birthday, Daniel! Wish you all the best in the world!


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