July, Honda officially issued the first official pictures of the Concept Honda CR-V. The detail shows how the model of generation crossover is a Japanese manufacturer.

Honda CR-V is a variant of crossover is quite phenomenal, having scored hits in the global automotive market. Naturally, the presence of the CR-V bia Tuesday awaited enough consumers around the world.

The discussion here is not to talk about the concept of lines. Honda leaked the initial technical specifications for the machine.

Base CR-V is offered in the United States which is 2.4-liter gasoline engine. Only the engine power has decreased from 180 horsepower to 175 hp figure. There are allegations related to the efficiency of fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.

The changes are far greater significance for the European version of the CR-V is a new machine called the New-K25. This is clearly different from other versions. New-K25 engine capacity 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine capable of spitting out 201 horsepower.

Like the new Civic right much criticized, CR-V also will only offer five-speed automatic transmission, rather than the six-speed is now the choice on Friday variants.


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