Nowadays so many health products, sports and food service support offered fitness. Each does have its advantages, and who in this day and age are not tempted to nourish the body in an instant?

In large cities, health and fitness issues are a concern of the workers. Suffered a long time working, healthy and fit to be a necessity. But what if all efforts towards the healthier it will be costly? Well, might sound needs are met, but other needs are not resolved.

Get around this, Ghiboo try to give 5 tips, healthy lifestyle so you can still run in accordance with the budget "healthy". Please be listened to.

1. Invest in Fitness Passbook. Passbook This usually gives you access to many local gym, affordable or even free. But if you prefer just one gym, make sure you choose the day of registration that gives promo price or even free registration. If you are still enrolled as a student, use your student card excess. Look for the right time and take the opportunity given.

2. Planting your own vegetables. According Ghiboo, this method brings two benefits. You have your own vegetable garden that you know its quality, and while you plant it well exercised. Seeds of vegetables such as carrots are usually very inexpensive, and about a month later produced a lot of carrots. If you are creative, maybe you can make money also from your garden. Oh yes, if you already have a vegetable garden, try planting herbs as well. It is definitely useful. Especially for people who still believe in eastern traditional medicine, spices such as ginger or turmeric and kencur surely will be needed in times of urgency.

3. Rent DVD rental sports or health in nearby homes. Compared to going to the gym, renting DVDs can greatly save on expenses. In addition you can choose your own sport movements such as what you need, but do not forget to study the movement of what is right for you. Do not want it suddenly you are stuck with the sport that you do not even know how to like boxing or fencing?

4. Try downloading the free sports applications. This is a pretty effective and you can even practice the sport anywhere. In some of the iTunes application and you even can find Android applications that conform to body shape and weight. Remember, choose accordingly.

5. Buy healthy fruits and vegetables according to season. This is obviously easy. Mango is usually cheaper when in season, as well as strawberry. Or season tomatoes, and potatoes while harvesting season. Usually the price so much cheaper, and many options. You can save as a backup. Provided you do not keep on buying durian season now so, hehehe. One more thing, try your own cooking all the vegetables that. Crop price of a chef to your bag.

That's a few tips from Ghiboo to stay healthy in accordance with the budget "healthy". Five tips on old times, trying to do, and see how many expenses that you trim it.

Good Luck!


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