If you travel to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, do not forget to enjoy the scenery while riding with a typical Lombok, Cidomo.

Cidomo is short cikar, gig and montor (car in Sasak language). It is using the horse as a towing vehicle, or when on the island of Java, known as the gig (many also call it gig).

Uniquely, cidomo along the Senggigi beach most of the ornamental horse riders and driver are also wearing the typical Sasak.

Is Makki (50) who had 18 years worked as a coachman cidomo. Makki is usually middle-aged man serving tourists who come to the Senggigi beach and need a vehicle for short distances. The rates are uncertain and could be agreed by negotiation.

Makki told, that today he won the race ornamental cidomo III champion who held police Senggigi, welcomed Bhayangkara Day which falls right on July 1. Makki get a charter and a cash prize 300 thousand.

He talked briefly about his life as a coachman cidomo. Capitalize a ponytail, she began making the rounds looking for passengers every three o'clock in the afternoon until the evening. His favorite horse break only in the morning until noon, where he also farming in the time before pulling cidomo.

For daily income, Makki claimed enough to feed his family of attempting to pull cidomo. Especially if the holiday season when many tourists come to Lombok.

The results of this interesting cidomo enough to support the family. "I used to have two horses, but the one I sell for school fees," said Makki with a thick Sasak dialect.

Makki also admitted he could speak English, although only slightly. This makes it easier to attract passengers who did a lot of foreign tourists coming specifically to the island of Lombok.


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