If there is no Lucifer, it could be when this man is still alive in heaven. Because of the deceitfulness of the devil also humans ultimately come down to earth. The role will be sung this is what this Pennsylvania-born actor. Yes, Bradley Cooper will serve as Lucifer, the devil, in the film PARADISE LOST.

If the above title was familiar to the ear, it's because PARADISE LOST is adapted from a poem by John Milton in 17th-century ago. "PARADISE LOST, it seems completely real. That's happening," said Phil Wenneck starring in two films The Hangover confirms his involvement in the direction of Alex Proyas film this.

Bradley Cooper will soon leave for Sydney, Australia to begin filming the script done by several authors, including Stuart Hazeldine, Lawrence Kasdan and Ryan Condal this. Alex Proyas seems to also have to prepare the technology will he used to make visualization of heaven and earth in this film.

Before that, we seem to be content watching Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling compete acting in the film THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES who is currently filming in New York.


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