Has a twin brother however is a gift. That is what remains grateful for Stefan and Tyler Delp, even though they were born into the twin pairs that are not normal.

A pair of identical twins is born with their heads attached opposite. They are not normal a circumstance has previously been identified by ultrasound by a gynecologist. But his father, Tim Delp, do not want to end the fetus in her belly.

At that time the possibility to be able to survive for Stefan and Tyler Delp only five percent.

"Even if my son should lose his life, I want them to die on my lap," said Tim, as reported by Dailymail on Friday (21/06/2011). Now pairs of identical twins have aged 19 years. They both have talent in music. In addition to being students, they both also a violist. They practice the violin since the age of 11 years.

"The most beautiful if you have a twin brother who joined with your body, you will have friends to talk and share any event with. That's what we get," Tyler said.

Both teenagers are from a small school in school children with special needs, because they suffer from autism. However their principal, Joe Castelluci say, these twin sisters have a brilliant brain. So they still get lessons in public schools.

Stefan and Tyler always spend time together, but ironically they never could see the faces of their twin brothers to each other except through the mirror.

Uniqueness, this twin pair has a different view of sex. Tyler is a homosexual, while Stefan a heterosexual.

Stefan said he was estimating the pop and country singer actress Jennette McCurdy, 18, while Tyler prefers to singer Steve Forbert.


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