Pity, Hoya Will Absent in Concert of Infinite

It seems, Hoya must be willing to rest in the foreseeable future. Because the ankle injury that happened did not improve and predicted can not join his friends at the time of the concert Infinite.

Hoya suffered an injury in her leg while filming Yoo Hee Yeol's program Sketchbook on 29 July. Soompi reported, initially Hoya did not consider the injury serious. However, after being reviewed. instead of muscles, ligaments and bone fragility Hoya interested inflamed.

As a result of the injury, the 23-year-old singer had to wear a cast for up to two months. In addition, the condition also affects the Hoya comeback concert That Summer 2 which starts on 7 August.

"Other members tried hard to fit a wide range of motion due to Hoya," said one speaker quoted from Soompi.

Until now, either Infinite or Woolim Entertainment still has not confirmed whether Hoya will be absent in full in That Summer concert series 2 or not. Because, Hoya looks to have a strong desire to be healed and back on stage with the boyband singer Beck.

Infinite's concert will be held at 7 until August 10 and 14 to August 16 at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul. This time, Infinite wants to be intimate with his fans. Anyway, Get well soon Hoya.


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