Apparently, degan kiss between Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapur will be the first kissing scene on the big screen. Although Sonam Kapoor had earlier insisted that she would not really kissing scene in any movie, but proved she has really done kiss in new movie MAUSAM.

As reported by the, beautiful actress Sonam Kapoor explained that there had been negotiations between herself and the film. Finally, the actress who is also the daughter of legendary actor Anil Kapoor has agreed to do the kissing scene in front of the screen.

This time, Sonam Kapoor is also no longer deny the truth about the scene that she had played. The consideration is due to developments in the world of film that required her to be more professional in acting. In fact, who first got involved Sonam check choke with director Pankaj Kapur, now have a better relationship.

Well, things can indeed change, and whatever may be the factors driving force. Hopefully it is not just looking for sensation. :)


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