After the glacier and some other scary threat, the sea has the 'enemy' just can not underestimated. What is it?

Shipwrecks rest of World War II in the United States East Coast (USA) has a risk of oil release and content in the existing cargo. It was like the Baltimore Sun reported, the German submarines firing ships the goods.

When German submarines began to retreat to focus on a convoy in the North Atlantic, German submarines sank 397 ships succeeded in coastal U.S. waters. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began to record the shipwreck claimed that exist.

This was done to identify the vessel where a potentially huge threat to the environment.

"We started seeing a lot of corrosion on the wreck. The ship that shot torpedoes and it still has not damaged the fuel tank in it," said Lisa C. Symons of NOAA.

Many shipwrecks have contained cargoes of crude oil, fuel oil, diesel fuel and explosives. "Savings can mengahancurkan coastal communities and coastal environments," said Symons.

NOAA malaporkan, there were 233 boats at worst potentially damaging to the environment have been registered in the U.S. Coast Guard and cleanup efforts could be done immediately.


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