Brakes are lives when we drive. You can imagine how fatal if a vehicle has no brakes when walking. Along the development of technology, safety features about the brakes continue to evolve, including discovery system Anti-Lock Breaking System or commonly known as ABS.

The simplest understanding of ABS is the anti-lock brake system. This system works on a car braking to prevent wheel lock on occurs when a sudden braking situation occurs.

ABS will work using the sensor as the wheel lock after the occurrence of sudden braking. When the sensor reads a wheel lock, the sensor will give the command to the brake piston to loosen and tighten again when the wheel spins. That process takes place very fast, capable of reaching 15 times per second. The result, the car can be controlled and more effective braking distances.

Before the ABS technology is found, the driver or rider, already practiced manually workings of the ABS, by pressing the brake pedal and occasionally take it off (other languages ​​whisk brakes). But, it needs high flying hours of a driver, to perform this technique. The rest, mostly direct the driver pressing the brake pedal in hopes the car will stop.

There is a misperception on the function of the brake causing the lack of understanding about the benefits of ABS. Therefore, ABS brakes fungs absolutely can not be underestimated, especially when we are driving on slippery road conditions.

Keep in mind, the main function is to reduce the rotation of the wheel brake, not as a tool stop the vehicle. As a result, there are still many features of a car without ABS will continue to slide despite the brakes. It's not a question of the wheels are still spinning, but there ganya centrifugal force, which is directly proportional to the speed of cars (the faster the car, the greater the centrifugal force).

The danger posed from the centrifugal force will throw the car straight ahead, with notes also in a state steering straight. But when the wheel is in a state of turn, the result can not terkjendali car and overturned. This is where the ABS was created to reduce the centrifugal force. (From various sources)


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