There will be 'Spider-Man' Movie With Women Main Figures

Despite the great success of the Marvel superhero films, the studio has been criticized for never installed the female lead in his films. Yet in this modern era film with a female lead character is no longer a curse. No need to worry about not selling, try to see The Hunger GAMES or FROZEN.

The response to the criticism coming from the partner, then Marvel, Sony Pictures, which holds the copyright manufacture of Spider-Man. They said they would soon make a spin-off Spider-Man with the main character a woman. The film will be released in 2017.

Sony does have big plans to develop the franchise THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in the coming years. They have set up THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 and 4 Do not forget there is also a spin-off Venom and the Sinister SIX that will equip it. Therefore, the spin-off news Spider-Man this woman is most likely to be realized.

Sony proved a serious step with the chosen Lisa Joy Nolan (BURN NOTICE) to work on the script. For those not familiar with her, she is the wife of The Dark Knight screenwriter Jonathan Nolan.

Only that which has announced details of Sony's related movies. Who will be the main character is also unknown. What is certain in the franchise THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN existing Black Cat aka Felicia Hardy raised. Referring to the comic version, of course there are the Silver Sable and Spider-Girl.

This step is predicted as an appropriate step given the audience getting bored with the story of Spider-Man. Proven THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 yesterday did not achieve the desired target. What do you think? Is it appropriate steps for the release of Marvel female version of Spider-Man?


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