Still remember the film Notting Hill that was launched in 1999? If you saw a movie starring Julia Roberts, you surely remember the bookstore owned by a character played by Hugh Grant. Reportedly this store would be closed and therefore many people are trying desperately to block the plan.

According to Contact Music, named Travel Bookshop bookstore is going to be closed because the store owner could not sell it to someone else while he was no longer able to continue its business. Now some local writers and poets tried to join forces to save the store. They are even willing to work unpaid in the shop until the shop owner could find a buyer.

Travel Bookshop is indeed plays a fairly important role in the film Notting Hill. Bookstore owned by a character played by Hugh Grant Will this be the backdrop of a romantic story between the characters Hugh and Julia Roberts. Since the circulation of Notting Hill, this bookstore to be one of the goals of tourists visiting London.

Not just a local writers and poets are trying to save the bookstore. Alec Baldwin is so cameo in the film is also trying to save the Travel Bookshop. "Save the Travel Book Shop," writes the actor through his Twitter.


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