Brad Pitt was installed as the main actor in the film WORLD WAR Z, directed by Marc Forster. Until now there has been a lot of information circulating about this movie until Splash News displaying photographs taken from the location filming in the UK.

Some of the photos that circulated is not yet able to describe how the story line has to offer movie adaptation of the novel. Looks like these pictures are deliberately released as a teaser for the fan of Brad Pitt getting curious. According to news reported by, filming is mostly located on the ship Salmoor SD.

WORLD WAR Z himself lifted from the novel by Max Brooks, Mel Brook's son, and tells about the world in the future. The novel is told that the world was hit by a large outbreak that turns humans into zombies. Brad Pitt gets a role as a researcher who interviewed the victims of the United Nations commissioned a large role between humans and zombies.

The film is distributed by Paramount Pictures will begin in 2012. Reportedly Plan B Entertainment and UTV Motion Pictures to cost about U.S. $ 125 million to produce films directed by Marc Forster is.


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