After rehab she lived due to addiction to alcohol and drugs, former wife of Charlie Sheen is determined to spend the rest of her time with her son, Max and Bob. But Brooke reportedly was surprised to see the physical changes after leaving the rehabilitation center.

"Until now, Brooke still need time to recover consciousness one hundred percent. She is still very unstable and still needs intensive treatment," said one source was quoted as saying of

"Brooke was surprised to see very much difference between her old self after she was influenced by conditions such illicit goods," continued the source.

The source explained that during rehab, Brooke's best friend was watching a reality show, Paris Hilton, who called The World According to Paris. In the event that presents it is, Brooke saw how his physical condition is very skinny and neglected after the consumption of drugs.

"She saw herself, and looks very not believe that she has changed so drastically," continued the source again.

But it seems it will not be too worried about Brooke, as her goal to be with her baby, will soon be reached. Although now she is no longer with Charlie, but her children had enough to fill his days.

Charlie and Brooke were married in 2008 and divorced in 2010 due to customs and way of life that feels not right for each other. But both agree that custody will be shared equitably.


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