Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) that is part of the Tata Group will expand by building new factories in the East, Midlands, England. Thus it will become the fourth country JLR and the establishment of production facilities as well as efforts to reduce dependence on the component which is the owner of JLR Ford before.

As reported by caradvice, Tuesday (20/09/2011), JLR invest 400 million pounds, equivalent to Rp 5, 6 trillion and will hire 2000 new employees as well as 1200 new jobs at the other businesses associated with the supplier. When the plant as planned will stand in Wolverhampton and can operate within two years.

Establishment of new plants will not only increase the JLR economically, but also will become part of one form of political impetus for the government to a coalition to improve the aspect of increasing the country's economy.

The new plant has not been officially announced, but the JLR claimed that the plant will produce new engines. That way the plant will be the rival Ford who had been supplying engines for various models.


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