Italian sport bike manufacturer Husqvarna to add them to the latest variant of the new 2012 model enduro. Consisting of TE250, TE310, TE449, TE511, WR125, WR250 and WR300.

All types of motorcycle sport is seen with a new look and the graphics are fresh, new order, black and silver wheels. Also on TE250 / TE310 four-step model using Kayaba shock absorbers, racing LeoVince exhaust and a new fairing.

Team Husqvarna assembly of new models, also worked hard to develop a sector that is responsive handling and the engine at a low round. So that was quoted from autoevolution.


Two engine variants on the TE449 and TE511, has received the most attention. The new one-piece fender with black frame, silver wheels, and seat height is 4mm, revised engine mapping, graphics and re-suspension settings, and using the new WP radiator.

TE250 and TE310 are also getting Kayaba shock absorbers, new handlebar clamps, fork semi-hard and new hydraulic adjustment, and LeoVince exhaust.

In the two-stroke WR125/250/300 maintain suspension and operational Sachs clutch cable. Display changes as friends, WR300 enduro bike continues to be the most popular because they are lightweight and strong.

Pricing and availability have not been announced by the company that owned this BMW.
Meanwhile, the new Husqvarna 900cc streetbike would come up with a streetfighter-style machine SuperMoto.


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