The 24-year-old artist reveals a wide public about her boyfriend, Jason Statham. When present in the TV show Chelsea Lately, she reveals that Jason is a very sweet person. She was lucky to get a romantic lover like him.

As explained by Rosie, beloved action movie actor who also gave her small gift that is simple, yet very meaningful for Rosie. This was done to celebrate the success of Rosie Jason get a leading role in the movie box office.

In addition to providing a reward for the success of Rosie, Jason also do romantic things that make Rosie felt humbled and flattered?

"Two weeks of filming, my body full of bruises from head to toe. When I came home he greeted me and provide a safety cushion used by a stuntman," said Rosie.

"He said, 'unfortunately, it seems better if you use this'," said Rosie again.

Rosie is very grateful to Jason. According to Rosie, Jason was a very sweet man. Jason fully understands what she needs. He gave the usual safety net she wore while filming the movie live action.


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