Its fur is short and sparse, always sticking his tongue, his eyes round and red, make Yoda won the ugliest dog in the World. Above predicate, the Chihuahua breed is right to bring home cash, or approximately USD1.000 Rp8, 6 million, a trophy.

The owner, Terry Schumacher, claiming the moment they first saw the dog, he thought it was a rat. But when he realized that the hair and body shape is a dog, Terry finally takes home and nurtures it.

While the race committee said, the purpose of the race to raise awareness for the rescue and dog. Because the dogs follow the contest is a hybrid animal that failed and ultimately abandoned by its owners.

As reported by Metro on Monday (6/27/2011), other dogs who follow the race is Princess Abby, a Chihuahua who has one eye, and a bulldog who was blind eyes.


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