Harry Potter Fans are reminded to be vigilant. Perpetrators of cyber crimes center to savor the moments 'euphoria' Harry Potter by sending spam.

Most of the spam related to the launch site Pottermore scheduled for October. It is a virtual world as well as a site designed to sell the ebook version of the Harry Potter novels that made the novelist JK Rowling.

Currently the website is still in beta. Register Pottermore beta version, which opened on July 31 have now been closed down and many fans of Harry Potter can not wait to Pottermore opened to the public in October.

Well, this situation is further exploited by cyber criminals to spread spam promising preview and privileged access to Pottermore. Security researcher Chris Boyd from GFI Software to mention there are several common types of spam are named as spam 'Pottermania'.

Reported by PC World, Sunday (08/07/2011), Boyd said one example is a YouTube video titled 'Access Pottermore-Beta-I got in! " which leads the user enters a survey relating to marketing.

Some search results with keyword 'Pottermore' was detected containing a link malware and trojan viruses. There is also a beta account Pottermore sold on auction site eBay. Knowing this, the site admin warned Pottermore.

"Please do not buy, sell or transfer the account Pottermore beta. Getting regitrasi beta Pottermore with the aim of selling the detailed information the registrar to take advantage, not only hinder the chances of the original Harry Potter fans get privileged access but also violates our rules," writes admin Pottermore .


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