Despite claims of a shy and modest, Miru Kim loves his job in the field of art photography.

Kim is a photographic object with the background of the places unique and special. In each of the photographs are enshrined, Kim appeared smooth with no clothes on.

Despite the various criticisms and criticism, but the work Kim is also a worldwide reputation as a provocative artist who is admired by art experts.

Miru Kim is a former medical student from New York. She loved her job that could take her away to strange places like old abandoned factories, tunnels, bridges and photographs of structures in various countries. Although she should be able to take off all her clothes in places that are sometimes unusual and dangerous.


Female 30 years was admitted, the work that they do this to be one way to conquer her fears.

"My work generally involves getting over the fear ingrained since childhood, such as fear of the dark, fear of malicious activity in general, and fear of dirt. I even considered an obsessive compulsive child," Kim said.

"This is beyond therapy. I do this through art. Most people probably think I'm joking considering my job, but it's true," said Kim, as reported by Dailymail, Tuesday (28/06/2011).

However, Kim began to take pictures without clothes since 2004, has now admitted that she had used to lead its activities, although at first she was very nervous about appearing nude in front of the camera.

In the process of getting a good photo shots, she's willing to find the body, being with the men on the streets homeless and cold, or she has ever had to flee from the pursuit of subway security guards, or avoid the helicopter while standing naked on the Manhattan Bridge, New York.

Although aware of her work is much serious condemnation and a variety of criticisms, but Kim still has the support of the parties to art lovers.

"People consider my work from different points of view and I like the openness and flexible response to me those things," said Kim.


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