DESIGN and Peugeot car design to the attention of the world while producing the Peugeot 3008. What kind of car reliability is claimed full of innovation in it, both in the design and engineering.

At the national automobile market was hit by a fever crossover. Every car manufacturer would have a crossover variant. Call it the Nissan with Nissan Juke, with All New KIA KIA Sportage, Gelly with LC Cross and Chrysler with the Dodge Journey Indonesia.

Suzuki SX4 crossover Xover is pioneering. Peugeot 3008 and continue the golden era of this segment. 3008 was launched in July last year and new trends in world automotive Indonesia. The cars with unusual shapes, such as Nissan Juke is now even be a car that goes in the category of cool.

3008 Peugeot form a little unusual for the Indonesian market. This design is the end result of a merger of two different worlds. Peugeot 3008 concept was developed from the T84, a Peugeot car which describes the ability to build a car from the positive elements of MPV and SUV.

Peugeot 3008 has a fairly high ground clearance like a SUV, body length, as well as MPV sloping windshield. EP6CDT machine is one of two petrol engines offered by Peugeot. However, for the Indonesian market, this is the only engine offered to consumers.

EP6CDT is Euro5 emission standard machine tool equipped with a turbo induction twinscroll technology. Meanwhile, direct-injection technology that also ensures the engine always carried burning efficiently according to their needs. This machine is powered 156 horsepower at 5,800 rpm.

In addition, 240 Nm of torque at low speed up, 1,400 rpm. The resulting acceleration with 6-speed tiptronic transmission also feels smooth and contains at each level of engine speed. Sitting behind the wheel in the cockpit is like an airplane. Only the rear headroom a little tight for tall passengers berpostur.

The driving position at a glance like a model 308, and a higher seat layout. This happens because of his higher ground clearance than the hatchback version. One of the backbone of the performance crossover Prancing lion logo is located on the application of twin scroll turbocharger (turbo with two-stage fan).

It has the latest generation turbo-class performance on it. EP6CDT machines also use the intercooler system to lower the temperature of the air pressure in the intake. Engine work also becoming lighter thanks to electric power steering pump applications. Twin-scroll turbocharger is played through a twin-entry exhaust manifolds are made separately on the gas flow from the fourth cylinder.

That is, there are two ports to rotate the turbine impeller.Satu port to work on lap down, another one to work in the round tinggi.Tidak only that, technically, a potent dual port is believed to cut turbo lag (delay work turbo). Because the flow of exhaust gas will be more specific turn turbines.

Another factor that gives pleasure to drive, automatic transmission applications the 6-speed tiptronic. In addition it can be activated in D mode, sequential automatic gearbox made by Aisin is also featured with auto-adaptive capability that includes automatic driver preference, sports, and snow mode.

3008 interior convenience features also abound, ranging from feature entertainment for the passengers (an audio system with CD player and MP3), leather upholstery, ease of driving (speed limiter plus cruise control, rain sensor, automatic headlights, automatic electric parking brake up), AC dual zone air filter with the sensor, up to 13 storage bottles.

Interestingly, the official price range offered to the Rp429, 9 million (OTR, Jakarta), the car is worth the least expensive of the premium crossover class.


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