Maybe the problem so others that if Kim Kardashian is a star's clothing company ad. What makes these celebrities are furious because they use a model named Melissa Molinaro like Kim and the ad was obviously raises the figure of Kim Kardashian. Now the bride is filed into court and claim damages.

Worse yet, according to Contact Music, named Old Navy clothing company is naming a character in its ads is 'Kim'. Obviously Kim Kardashian was received and asked for his lawyer filed a lawsuit to court on charges of use of the name, characteristics, and the persona Kardashian without permission.

In the same news also mentioned that Gary Hecker, an attorney Kim Kardashian filed this lawsuit on Wednesday and ask for compensation even though undisclosed amount requested Kim. Kim Kardashian's own clothing company are working with Sears, Old Navy's main rival.

Ironically, this resemblance was successfully lure Reggie Bush, a former girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Reportedly now Reggie Bush is a love affair with Melissa Molinaro.


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