Rachel Weisz has damaged her chances to be a Bond Girl. The actress who recently married with 007 stars Daniel Craig appears to have dashed her dream soon starred in the film franchise.

"It's funny because Rachel was so fond of the idea of engaging with Bond, but it's unlikely to happen now," said a source close to the actress who quoted from Showbizspy, Sunday (07/03/2011).

"She will not consider appear with Bond (Daniel Craig). And now they're together. She often said how her life as a Bond girl," she continued.

Rachel Weisz

Recent reports revealed that Rachel has hired a team to build up his town house in London in order to "truly modern" at a cost of $ 6 million. Town house was once occupied by her ex-boyfriend Darren Aronofsky.

"Darren is not here, he lived in New York now. Rachel is not here, but has assigned all teams to do the work to be done in that place," the source said.

"Townhouse will be completely modernized, so that she and Daniel could make a fresh start together. And Rachel will not be affected by the memory of former partner," she concluded.


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