Tottenham Hotspur coach Harry Redkanpp praised Manchester United new squad. According to him, with the addition of several new players, Manchester United next season will be very scary.

"It's scary when you think about Manchester United are the defending champions and they spend 50 million pounds to Phil Jones, Ashley youn, and David De Gea," said Redknapp as reported by ESPN Star.

Although already bought some new players, but it seems to hunt for Red Setran still not stop here alone. Pelatohb squad Sir Alex Ferguson's plans still want emboyong one another midfielder as successor to Paul Scholes who choose to retire akhr this season.

"Jones had a fantastic prospect and not surprising that many big clubs want memboyongnya from Blackburn. Young is a phenomenal player with speed and instincts to score. I could not imagine what he would like eventually to play for United."

"And De Gea is one of the best young goalkeepers in the world," he continued.

Despite failing to finish in the top four last season, Spurs have the Redknapp showed potential, especially when they appear surprising as the dark horse in the Champions League.

For reasons to compete with the top clubs it was also determined to defend himself Luka Modric.


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