Writer and film producer is still very upset because it claimed to be forgotten from the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton. Sarah Ferguson even imagines that his status as a former royal family may be recognized if Princess Diana was still alive.

Although he admitted to the royal family could understand the reason for not inviting her as 'Royal Wedding' last April, but until now she still feels like swallowing a bitter pill. The former wife of Prince Andrew was actually worried that her two children Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie who could not understand.

"I'm afraid my two daughters will wonder why their mother is not good enough. Already 15 years passed, they never once invited us, even just for the Christmas party," said Sarah, as quoted from Popeater.

"But they were used ostracized. I'm sure that if Princess Diana was still alive, then our lives would be better," continued Sarah.

She continued that this exclusion may not wish her grandmother, the Queen, because he thought the queen was very kind to her daughters.

"I think it's because the Prince of Wales and Prince William of Wales Youth who do feel better without our presence," she added.

Furthermore, a friend of Princess Diana also once asserted that the facts about her are accused of selling access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, it's totally a lie. He simply vilified. Sarah insists he did not do that.


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