BMW AG held a global campaign titled the BMW Group's Brand Protection in various countries, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, the program is held Monday (9/19/2011) at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta. The event was attended by Nicole SPILA, BMW AG's Product Management Department and Che Yip Choon as Part Expert.

In a presentation that was attended by a number of journalists from various mass media, BMW found that hijacked his spares like brake lining, air filters, oil filters, wheels, even the windshield. Not only that, piracy to crawl up accessories.

BMW AG also showed where the genuine and counterfeit spare parts are tested at the research center of BMW in Germany. In some of the videos shown, the quality of counterfeit parts is below standard. It is a worry about the BMW as it can harm consumers in terms of financial and can also threaten the safety.

Video examples shown in the presentation of BMW AG is the air filter. Original air filter and false immersed in hot oil with a temperature of 150 degrees for 500 hours. The result is the original air filter is not damaged while the false damage such as torn and looks like a burn.

In these tests are also carried out by fire. Original parts seem not burn while the false charred. This happens because the original BMW air filter using anti-fuel components.

Counterfeiting BMW wheels also can threaten the safety of its users. When done testing the original wheels and fake occur very noticeable difference in quality. Both wheels hit the iron with the weight of tens of kilograms. The result is a fake broken wheel rim section because no power to restrain the load while the original wheels had just bent.

Nicole also revealed how to identify counterfeit goods. "To distinguish a fake with the original spare parts are three ways of first quality, price and packaging. If the price is much cheaper is suspect if it was false." said Nicole.

While the parts are often forged in the market including batteries, brake lining, disc brakes, air filters, oil filter, altenator, light bulbs, glow plug, clutch, mikrofilter, CD / DVD navigation, bolt wheels, wipers, outside mirrors, components or whole of the exhaust system, air pump, set the bulb replacement, timing belt and spark plugs.


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