Now that era is not something strange superhero when Hilary Swank was also captivated this crowded genre. After searching for the right character, Hilary Swank choice finally fell on the Radical Publishing's comic Shrapnel. In addition to being a producer, Swank reportedly also will portray the main character of this film.

Shrapnel own story of a former soldier named Samantha Vijaya who chose exile in the planet Venus. Unfortunately even this place of exile soon be the new colony and could not help Sam must rise up to fight. This story takes setting in the year 2250 and written by Nick Sagan and M. Zachary Sherman.

"I myself am a huge fan of the work of Radical Pictures. Shrapnel, especially the character of Sam gave me the opportunity to enter into the fascinating characters that have multiple layers that are rarely found in a genre like this," said Hilary Swank, as quoted by Contact Music.

So far there has been no information about when this project will be realized and who is going to be a director but it was Toby Wagstaff is trusted to do the screenplay.


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