WHEN the relationship began to slacken, this could be a sign that the fabric will soon be dashed. Well, are you experienced? Get to know through some signals.

Who wants the marriage foundered in the middle of the road? Of course everyone wants a harmonious marriage, a dream of all couples.

However, over time, sometimes it starts to fade as the fighting which began to emerge. This condition can eventually lead to the threat of separation.

Indeed, it would be difficult for you to receive. But if he starts to show a change, it means that your relationship building will be sunk. Here are some common signals that indicate the relationship began at the end of the horn, as reviewed the Times of India.

Sex dwindle

Sex is one sign of harmonious relations. When the sex life of a healthy spouse, then sign the relationship was not problematic. Not only that, when the excitement of sex is no longer there, maybe your heart is no longer for him.

Under these circumstances, usually a spouse will begin to make excuses for not having sex. Often, the physical exhaustion experienced by each other without realizing increasingly worsening relations.

No time for both

Ideally, the couple will split time with each other and increase the togetherness in the midst of the bustle, it's as high as any. However, when it began to cut off one by one and you both ignore each other, chances are the relationship began to experience the shock and are at the point guard.

Starting bad habits disturbed

If you can usually make peace with all the negative side of the couple, when love begins to fade, you usually begin bothered by it. For example, you feel uncomfortable with a wet towel that was lying in bed, a habit he's snoring, or bite your nails. All the little things that later sparked your anger.

Changes in fashion

When the couple began to look different than normal, then there is a change in him anyway. For example, when he used to wear jeans and the next day it appears with the dress, this certainly should be aware. Maybe it's true of marriage is under threat.


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