Research by a Canadian psychometric consultant, AptiQuant, the user's browser Internet Explorer (IE) proved to have a level of intelligence (IQ) lower. Well ...?

AptiQuant offers online IQ tests free of charge to 100 thousand Internet users to then compare the average IQ scores them according to the browser used.

The test results turned out to show that IE users, both versions 6, 7, 8 or 9 has a lower IQ scores than the average user other browsers. Funny thing is, users of IE version 9 appeared to have lower IQ scores than users of IE version 8, such as alerts TG Daily, Saturday (07/30/2011).

Users of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari claimed to have IQ scores higher than average. While users Camino, Opera and IE with Chrome Frame even has a much higher IQ.

The results of this study may be related to the ability of IE less meet current web standards so often face problems when opening a site that actually works fine in other browsers. As a result, only users with lower technical competence, who allegedly also had lower levels of intelligence, who are still willing to be patient using IE.

Though still dominating the market, IE is slowly beginning to lose its market share from the open source browser like Firefox and Chrome.

"Recent reports about the intelligence level of IE users are likely to trigger a scene," explained the AptiQuant.

"Referring to the results of this study, IT companies around the world may be starting to consider re-investing the time and they spend untul support older browsers," he concluded.


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