South Korean handset vendor Samsung is rumored to cancel its claim of patent infringement related to Apple. This demand is Samsung's response to the Cupertino-based company after they were accused of stealing designs and technologies for the iPhone and iPad line of smartphones and their tablets.

However, Samsung confirmed that this decision does not mean they've completely forgotten the legal battle against Apple. "Samsung will continue to protect our intellectual property," said Samsung spokesman told Apple Insider, Sunday (03/07/2011).

Samsung will just drop the charges are flung to Apple in April. A spokesman for Samsung claims the move is done to shorten the 'law of war' them against Apple.

Tensions between Samsung and Apple are again heating up this week, in which each side continued to press the other. Samsung asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban imports of Apple devices, while Apple filed initial claims for four Samsung products.

Furthermore, Samsung is also accused Apple has always done a variety of ways to avoid competition. On the other hand, Apple has accused Samsung's "more aggressive" than other competitors in imitating the iPhone and iPad their pride.