Scientists find strange cases. A 22-year-old woman rumored to have breasts that grows in the leg.

Rare cases are published in scientific journals Dermatology Online. As written the journal, the feet of women is overgrown with something very similar to the breast.

Scientists do not hesitate to call the breast because it stands out like a nipple area, it appears black, surrounded by the areola, and overgrown with hair. Currently she reportedly sought medical treatment.

From the journal, as quoted from TheSun, scientists wrote that according to microscopic examination was done, the skin layer beneath it there is also the root of the hair, ekrin glands, and sebaceous glands.

Not only that, the same source also mentioned, clinical trials have shown the diagnosis of the presence of additional breast glandular tissue, known as pseudomamma. This is the first time found cases of breast tissue grows in the leg.

Women who did not mention the name and origin is claimed to have had breast this leg since birth, and it did not hurt.


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