Dozens of people protested the anti-royal Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, who arrived at a children's hospital in Montreal, Saturday (2 / 7), during the tour of the British royal family is in Canada.

However, the numbers of protesters are outnumbered compared with those who welcomed the couple at the Hospital Sainte-Justine in order to see firsthand the couple even if only briefly on the third day of their official trips abroad.

"The parasite is home," chanted protesters, as well as shouts of "Quebec French", "We will never bow, her home is" and "tumbles is the Kingdom".

They beat the basket when the couple entered the building without concern them, while their fans shouting, "We love you Kate."

Demonstrations were organized by a group that stated goal to maintain the French language in North America.

Its chairman, Mario Beaulieu, told AFP that the British royal couple's visit raised the issue asimiliation francophone linguistic and cleanup involving Canada.

"The kingdom is outdated institution, antidemocratic and favoritism, Quebec did not want it all," he said.

Video game developers and protesters Dominique Beaulieu (38) branded the couple's visit to Montreal as the Canadian government propaganda.

Sicurelo family, immigrants from Italy, did not agree. They came to give a warm welcome for William and Kate to bring to bring daughter Victoria (11), his daughter, and a basket of flowers in hand for the British princess.

William and Kate visit to Canada was continued on Sunday with a stop in Quebec City, where large protests expected waged.


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