Musical event M! Countdown on channel Mnet held again on Thursday (15 / 9). One of Korea's top girlband, KARA make a comeback stage at the event for the first time after releasing their third album.

The battle for first place jockeying for position between KARA, Sistar, and Davichi on M! Countdown today, but in the end girlband is touted as Korea's most successful girlband in Japan, namely KARA managed to win with their new song, Step.

Comeback Stage, KARA wins M! Countdown

Besides KARA who make a comeback this week, ballad singer Sung Shi Kyung also performed with the I Like and 45RPM.

KARA himself appears on three songs today with the Date (My Boy), With All My Heart (Dear Kamilia), and Step.

Another viewer is Davichi, U-Kiss, Dal Shabet, M Street, GP Basic, Chocolat, Nine Muses, Defconn, Suki, Code V, and Wind Hold Venus.


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