The team of scientists claims to have uncovered the secret of longevity. But this new secret can be applied to pets.

Telomeres protect this antiaging drugs, the DNA is strongly suspected to be the key to the aging process. Scientists suspect that aging occurs because of the shortening Telomeres in human genes during her lifetime.

Today, American research team claimed to find a way to slow, even reverse the process of shortening it. In theory, this can prolong life. Sierra Sciences scientist inventor, Bill Andrews, who led the research team is suddenly famous thanks to the discovery of Telomeres.

Andrews founded the company in order to find a way to induce cells that would produce Telomeres and protect it so as not to rot. The new findings will be presented in August at a conference in Cambridge this state, almost 40% different substances contribute to the production of Telomeres.

"Induce Telomeres are willing to produce cells that will be a tremendous medical advances. Unfortunately, for the next few years, these findings can not be applied to humans," he said.

This treatment has not been declared safe for humans.

For now, as reported by dailymail, these new treatments available for pets, like dogs and cats.


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