Rihanna is one of the celebrities that keep updating latest news through social networking Twitter. And this time, via Twitter as well, Rihanna gave the good news surrounding the launch of his new album.

In some of his latest game, beautiful singer from Barbados has announced the scheduled launch of the new album keeenamnya while answering questions from the fans who like to be endless.

"THIS FALL !!!!" Rihanna write answer the curiosity of the fans. With the launch date is scheduled to be held this autumn, Rihanna certainly do not have much time after her latest album, Loud, explosive and achieved many accomplishments.

Because of his hard work, Rihanna deserves thumbs up. However, one fan named Gushtoso, was worried for star's health and suggested Rihanna for 'brakes' if it's too tired.

Details of this latest album is still kept secret meetings by Rihanna, such a statement via Twitter some time ago. "" Yaaayy I can not wait to start filling u guys in on some details! * Zips lips *, "she wrote.


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