Said to have grabbed the cover image album 'Nevermind' Nirvana's, the Facebook has denied.

Photos of naked babies in pursuit of this dollar bill reported previously violated the regulations made by the manager of the giant social networking sites.

Facebook parties directly provide rebuttal to and said that it is not true.

"The picture that is on the cover of the album Nevermind not really breaking the rules is on Facebook. Facebook allows pictures naked baby in a non-sexual situations. So in other words, baby, why not? If their parents want to share baby photos with their grandparents, we can not prohibit them to share on Facebook, "said a spokesman for Facebook, on Friday (07/29/2011).

Album 'Nevermind' is planned to be re-released on September 26 next, as the anniversary of Nirvana's 20th. There will be two new versions for the album that is Duluxe and Super Duluxe. Then there is also a special package that contains several songs from the band's grunge is a previously unreleased.

Might just be a marketing gimmick so there is no telling scene before the album was released.


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