Madhuri Dixit Beautiful artist had the honor to become ambassador in maintenance projects Asian elephants and tigers are initiated by one animal care agencies. The project, named the 'Emeralds for Elephants' was officially launched this month.

"A lot of disturbing incidents between humans and elephants are reported in our country lately. This will not happen if the elephants have their own space and humans are not indiscriminate cutting down of forests for purposes that are not too important," said Madhuri, was quoted as saying from apunkachoice.

This beautiful artist also expressed concern at the living space for the tigers are not adequate. She revealed that she was very concerned with the population of the endangered animals. Until now, on the face of the earth has reached an alarming point.

"Animals of national heritage is now seriously threatened due to habitat, forests, in a much shorter time to disappear until it reaches an alarming rate," said Madhuri.


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