Introduce, named Kailash Singh (65). It may be that this man is the latest invoice men on earth. The reason, already 37-year-haired man is 1.8 meters long dreadlock not bathe.

Religious man is not justified because the shower followed advice from a pastor who said to follow his orders if he is going to get a boy and inheritance.

So since 1974, Kailash decided not to bathe. Even a man who lived in the village of Chatav, Varanashi, India has preferred to die rather than baths. Although daily Kailash profession is farming, where the job is spending a lot of sweat.

As rumored Dailymail on Friday (24/06/2011), Kailash which often were subject to ridicule her neighbors now have seven daughters of a faithful wife to accompany him while Kailash did not bathe.

Daily in addition to farming, he also took care of the cows. He 'cleanse' himself of sweat by basking in the afternoon while smoking pot.


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