If you belong to lovers of foreign literature, the name of Oliver Twist is certainly not foreign to the ear. Oliver Twist Charles Dickens is a fictional character that appears in the story of the same title. The story of this plan would be filmed and Ashley Greene believed to portray the main character of this film. So, Ashley Greene will portray the character of men? Well, not entirely correct.

The actress who is perhaps better known as Alice Cullen in the Twilight Saga series is indeed going to play the main character in the film adaptation of Charles Dickens tale is but this adaptation will change the version. The title chosen was OLIVIA twisted and its main characters will obviously named Olivia.

This adaptation is also not entirely faithful to the original source. According to Contact Music, the story will be revolving around a plot about a group of young people who end up involved inter-gang turf. OLIVIA twisted certainly be produced even though until now no other names mentioned. The film itself was published in the Toronto International Film Festival event in Canada.


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