Residents of Canada is probably the biggest smartphone users than residents in other countries. Thus the results of recent studies cited TNS Cellular News, Tuesday (06/28/2011).

Based on the TNS survey, approximately 41 percent of Canadians are known to have at least one unit of the smart phone. This figure is much higher than the average global ownership which only reached 28 percent.

Canadians are no longer concerned with their brand smartphones, because they are more interested in the content. Recorded only 28 percent of respondents who claimed loyalty to one brand, down from 36 percent in 2010. Conversely, respondents are now more concerned with content such as Facebook or YouTube (36 percent) than last year (24 percent).

Furthermore, Canadians were hoping to take advantage of their smartphone is more than just connect to the internet. Mobile Life 2011 study also showed that Canadians have a great interest in the mobile wallet (Mobile Wallet).

Recorded, 10 percent of residents are already using their phones as a means of payment. While 4 in 10 respondents said they are interested in making their smartphone as a mobile wallet.

Approximately 17 percent of Canadians want to be able to pay their transactions in stores, bars or restaurants. While 14 percent wanted to be able to pay bills such as water and electricity.


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